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Morrison Ranch is one of the most desired neighborhoods in the Agoura Hills area.

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Morrison Ranch is one of the most desired neighborhoods in the Agoura Hills area. It has a strong sense of community and neighborly atmosphere. Here, you’ll find a lush green paradise in the rolling hills with people of all ages recreating outside. 

The tucked away community isn’t far from shopping options in Westlake Village, and never more than a car trip away from the city. Here, you can really feel the peace of a small neighborhood with all the advantages of LA living.

Morrison Ranch Estates Real Estate Insights

In this neighborhood, the average house usually sells for somewhere north of $1 million, with the average home being a little over 3000 square feet. The neighborhood isn’t particularly huge, but it’s not too small either, with almost 300 houses. 

Morrison Ranch is one of the hottest places on the real estate market, and for good reason: It provides open living and beautiful houses at a reasonable price. Because of this, getting a home in Morrison Ranch has been getting competitive, and it consistently has sold more homes than surrounding neighborhoods.

The People and Lifestyle

Morrison Ranch is truly a family neighborhood. The open air, parks, and ease of access to trails makes it great for children. Residents here like to take care of their community, and the attitude of the community is comparable to that of a small, quiet rural town.


Morrison Ranch is filled with the typical activities of any part of the Agoura Hills. Many of these attractions are open to the public, but there’s a lot of resident-only clubs that create a more enriching experience and sense of community. These include equestrian clubs, golf clubs, and others that take advantage of the scenic view.

For more temporary attractions, take a look at the great expanse of trails, craft breweries, historic sites, and more. A lot of these places are bike friendly!


The restaurants around Morrison Ranch provide the bold flavors of countryside living while maintaining loyalty to the freshness of the Los Angeles dining experience. Here, you can choose from an assortment of delis, bakeries, burger joints, fancy European/Asian restaurants and more! 

Agoura Hills also has some delicious restaurants for fancier occasions. Looking for a date nights away from the kids? There are dozens of gourmet italian restaurants that serve authentic foods and fine wines. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to many upscale sushi joints in the area, and some marvelous high quality bistros & grills.


The shopping environment is a really great blend of big name brands (like Target and T-j Maxx) with local mom and pop stores that fit the “countryside” feel. Many residents enjoy the local antique market, (but there’s always a goodwill nearby). If you’re more into fashion, there’s plenty of local boutiques, and fun stores with farmhouse themes. The whole area is a gem for finding cozy, underground shops, like handmade jewelry stores and book shops.


Schools in the area are often within the top 5% of their competitors, and students are encouraged to live active lifestyles, which is perfect for all the freedom and terrain that Morrison Ranch provides. 

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