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Millions of Californians sit unaware of the significant sums of unclaimed cash. Recent revelations by California's State Controller's Office expose a staggering $11 billion in unclaimed property, steadily accumulating over three years. Stay informed and explore how to claim what is rightfully yours.

The Scale of Unclaimed Funds

California's State Controller's Office safeguards an astounding $11 billion in unclaimed property. Despite the sum, the office is committed to simplifying the claims process, ensuring every Californian can easily reclaim their funds. Moreover, underpinning this effort is California's unclaimed property law, which mandates financial institutions, insurance companies, corporations, businesses, and other entities to report and submit dormant properties to the State Controller's Office after a period of inactivity, typically three years.

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Streamlined Reclamation Through Partnership

To make the process easier, California partnered with, a reputable national website committed to reuniting people with their unclaimed property. This collaboration provides a secure, free, and accessible platform for individuals to claim their funds, often ranging from $40 to a few hundred dollars.

Origins of Unclaimed Money

Understanding the origins of unclaimed money is crucial. Most funds stem from dormant savings or checking accounts, unclaimed insurance benefits, uncashed checks, wages, stocks, bonds, and forgotten safe deposit boxes. The challenge arises when account owners forget or neglect to inform heirs about their property.

Conducting Your Search: A Simple Invitation

Claiming unclaimed property is a straightforward process. Whether or not you receive an alert letter, visit or call (800) 992-4647. The Controller's website allows free searches and downloads, providing opportunities to uncover assets for yourself, friends, and family.


This revelation of billions in unclaimed money is more than a financial opportunity; it's a call to proactive financial management. The partnership between California and paves the way for an accessible, user-friendly path to what could be rightfully yours. When that letter arrives, don't overlook it – it might be your ticket to unlocking the treasures waiting in California's unclaimed wealth. Reclaim what's yours and embrace the financial opportunities that await you.


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