The Biggest Little Farm

Jeff Biebuyck


I watched the Netflix show about Apricot Lane Farms because our friends were raving about how good this documentary was. Because it was in Moorpark and close to home. I grew up in the country in Michigan, so I thought, why not? The documentary "The Biggest Little Farm" on Netflix was totally entertaining. Being a real estate expert and a fan of sustainable living, I couldn't resist sharing my experience. Many of my clients appear to be interested in spacious homes, sustainable practices, and properties that promote a sense of community as well. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Moorpark, California, Apricot Lane Farms stands as a testament to the possibilities and allure of regenerative agriculture.

A Glimpse into Apricot Lane Farms:
Known for its role in the acclaimed documentary, Apricot Lane Farms integrates over 200 types of fruits and vegetables with a diverse array of livestock, all coexisting within a revived ecosystem. This 234-acre farm not only practices but educates on the symbiosis between farming and nature through various tours and events designed to showcase sustainable farming practices. For those interested, you can schedule your visit here.

The Farm Tours:
Visitors can immerse themselves in the farm’s daily operations and learn about ecological practices through guided tours. These tours, such as the “Biggest Little Tour” and the “Magic Hour Tour,” provide insights into the farm’s efforts to rejuvenate the land and foster a balanced ecosystem. The hands-on experience is educational and inspiring, demonstrating the tangible benefits of sustainable living.

The Rise of Larger Lot Homes:
Reflecting on my clients’ shifting preferences, there’s an increasing demand for properties with larger lots. Families are looking for homes where they can build multiple structures to adapt as their children return home after college or as elderly parents move in. This need for adaptable, multi-generational living spaces is growing, driven by a desire for both proximity and privacy within family units.

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices:
The current work-from-home trend amplifies this shift towards self-sufficiency. Many are now prioritizing health-conscious living, growing their own food, utilizing solar power, and striving for a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. This movement aligns with the principles demonstrated by Apricot Lane Farms and is becoming integral to our housing choices.

Looking Forward:
With the anticipation of a new sequel to The Biggest Little Farm, which promises to delve deeper into sustainable farming practices, interest in eco-friendly living is expected to surge further. This forthcoming film will likely inspire more individuals to explore how they can incorporate these practices.








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