91302 Calabasas | Hidden Hills ZIP Code Among Country's Top 100 Most Expensive

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91302 ZIP code has achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the 88th position on PropertyShark's prestigious list of the top 100 most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S. with a median home-sale price of $1.93 million. While this cements Calabasas as a residential gem, it catapults Los Angeles County to an unprecedented feat, with 20 ZIP codes gracing the coveted list.

Calabasas | Hidden Hills in the Spotlight

91302 ascent to the 88th most expensive ZIP code is more than just a numerical feat; it underscores the city's unique charm and sophistication for residents. Beyond mere statistics, it reflects an exclusive lifestyle, top-notch amenities, and a dynamic community that positions Calabasas as an irresistible magnet for discerning homeowners.


Unveiling PropertyShark's Analysis

PropertyShark's rigorous ranking of ZIP codes involves meticulous evaluations of median sale prices. Specifically, it considered the median sale prices of closed home sales up until October 20 of this year. Likewise, to make the list, ZIP codes must have a minimum of three sales. Understanding this cutting-edge approach empowers prospective homeowners and real estate enthusiasts to make astute decisions in a fiercely competitive market.

Los Angeles County's Unrivaled Supremacy

Calabasas' prominence is not merely a standalone achievement; it is pivotal to the larger narrative of Los Angeles County's real estate landscape. With an impressive 20 ZIP codes in the coveted top 100 list, it boasts diverse neighborhoods that collectively contribute to its dominance, offering a pragmatic perspective for those navigating the high-stakes world of luxury real estate.

Los Angeles County Pinnacle of Excellence

PropertyShark's latest nationwide list has unveiled the top 10 most expensive Los Angeles County ZIP codes for 2023. At the top of the charts is the iconic 90210 of Beverly Hills, with a median home-sale price soaring at $4.8 million. Following closely behind are exclusive neighborhoods namely North of Montana in Santa Monica (90402) at $4.49 million and Pacific Palisades (90272) at $3.54 million. Malibu (90265), Manhattan Beach (90266), and San Marino (91108) also secure prominent spots on the list, each boasting median prices above the $2 million mark. As real estate enthusiasts and prospective buyers delve into the market dynamics, these figures offer a glimpse into the grand yet competitive landscape of Los Angeles County, where luxury comes with a substantial price tag.


91302 ZIP code transcends numerical rankings. It extends an exclusive invitation to explore a lifestyle marked by sophistication and exclusivity. Beyond statistics, this provides a discerning guide for those contemplating luxury living. An experience resonating with those seeking splendor and informed decision-making in their residential choices, Calabasas emerges as an unparalleled investment, seamlessly blending elegance with practicality.

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