Hidden Hills Update: Long Valley Improvement Project

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Welcome to the future of Hidden Hills! The Long Valley Entrance Improvement Project, which broke ground last October of 2023, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Hidden Hills community. Embark on this journey toward a more efficient and beautiful landscape as we explore how this project will redefine our neighborhood for the better.

Frontgate Real Estate, stationed directly across the street, hence the name. We've had the privilege of a front-row seat to the unfolding progress, watching day by day as the future of Hidden Hills takes shape right before our eyes. It feels almost like a live drama, with the anticipation building each day about what will come next. So, we thought, why not share this unique perspective with you? 

Enhancing Connectivity: The Long Valley Road/Valley Circle Blvd/US-101 On-Ramp Improvements Project

Thanks to funding from the LA County METRO Measure R and M sales tax, this collaborative effort addresses traffic congestion and pedestrian accessibility while enhancing Hidden Hills' overall appeal. The project aims to boost connectivity with upgraded parking facilities and better pedestrian pathways.

Phase 1: Parking Lot Revamp

Currently underway, Phase 1 focuses on renovating the parking lot adjacent to the Long Valley Gate. By late April 2024, residents and visitors can expect a more welcoming entry point into Hidden Hills, setting the stage for further enhancements.

Phase 2: On-Ramp and Sidewalk Development

Phase 2 aims to introduce a new right turn pocket on the Long Valley Road on-ramp and install pedestrian sidewalks along Long Valley Road and Valley Circle Blvd. Despite still being in the design phase, the project promises improved safety and accessibility for all.

Embracing Progress

While construction might bring temporary challenges, the long-term benefits are clear. Improved aesthetics, better traffic flow, and a stronger sense of community pride await the completion of this project. Embrace growth and renewal, knowing that Hidden Hills will emerge as a more vibrant and efficient community than ever before.

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Frontgate Real Estate proudly stands as the only real estate office positioned at the gates of the much-coveted neighborhood of Hidden Hills. With over 50 years of combined service under our belts, courtesy of co-founders Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck, along with our esteemed team member Peter Radd, we've been more than just observers; we've been integral participants in the life of this community. 

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