California’s Star-studded Culinary Experience

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California is home to several top-rated celebrity-owned restaurants that showcase the state's fusion of star power and culinary excellence. A recent study revealed six of the nation's finest celebrity-owned establishments are located in the Golden State. Explore these culinary gems, where actors Ryan Gosling and Francis Ford Coppola take center stage.

California's Culinary Icons

Ryan Gosling's Tagine in Beverly Hills stands out as a beacon of Moroccan culinary delights, securing the fifth spot nationwide with an impressive 77.77 percent excellent review rate. Meanwhile, Crossroads Kitchen in Hollywood, backed by Travis Barker, offers a vegan haven with a diverse menu catering to various palates. At Rustic in Geyserville, nestled in Francis Ford Coppola's winery, guests savor international and Italian flavors, earning it a spot among the top-rated celebrity-owned restaurants.

These are the top 20 best-rated celebrity restaurants, according to the report:

  1. Jon Bon Jovi, JBJ Soul Kitchen, New Jersey
  2. Norman Reedus, Nic & Norman's, Georgia
  3. Robert De Niro, Nobu Las Vegas at Virgin Hotel, Nevada
  4. Giuliana and Bill Rancic, RPM Steak Chicago, Illinois
  5. Ryan Gosling, Tagine Beverly Hills, California
  6. Travis Barker, Crossroads Kitchen Hollywood, California
  7. Nicholas Braun, S&P Lunch, New York
  8. Blake Shelton, Ole Red Florida, Florida
  9. Francis Ford Coppola, Rustic at Francis Ford Coppola Winery, California
  10. Ralph Lauren, The Polo Bar, New York
  11. Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville Nashville, Tennessee
  12. Machine Gun Kelly, 27 Club Coffee, Ohio
  13. Chip and Joanna Gaines,
  14. Eminem, Mom's Spaghetti, Michigan
  15. Hugh Jackman, Laughing Man Coffee, New York
  16. Zach Braff, Mermaid Oyster Bar, New York
  17. Danny Trejo, Trejo's Coffee & Donuts, California
  18. Issa Rae, Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, California
  19. Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan's Steakhouse - Mohegan Sun, Connecticut
  20. Lisa Vanderpump, TomTom Restaurant & Bar, California

National Recognition

While California shines, Jon Bon Jovi's JBJ Soul Kitchen in New Jersey steals the spotlight with its philanthropic mission and a remarkable rating of 91.62 percent excellent reviews. The absence of prices on the menu underscores the restaurant's commitment to community and culinary excellence, setting a benchmark for celebrity-owned dining experiences nationwide.

Methodology: Unveiling Excellence

The methodology employed by Q.R. Code Generator ensures accuracy and reliability through meticulous data analysis. By scraping Google Reviews and excluding establishments with insufficient feedback, the rankings provide a comprehensive overview of celebrity-owned dining destinations.

The Impact of Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

These restaurants serve as cultural landmarks and economic contributors. Beyond serving delectable dishes, they embody the personal tastes of celebrities while shaping culinary trends and standards. By patronizing these establishments, diners not only indulge in exquisite cuisine but also support local economies and culinary innovation.


California stands out in the world of celebrity-owned dining with its diverse and vibrant culinary offerings. From Gosling's Tagine to Coppola's Rustic, these establishments epitomize the intersection of fame and flavor, offering unforgettable dining experiences. Celebrate and support these culinary icons by indulging in the best that California's dining scene has to offer. Join us on a journey where every bite tells a story of excellence.


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