A Strong Start to 2023 - Frontgate Real Estate's Outstanding Performance in Recent Sales

Reflecting on our success, we recognize our powerhouse team at Frontgate Real Estate for an incredible start to 2023.

Building on the success of our diligent team, we've kicked off 2023 with a noteworthy bang at Frontgate Real Estate. We'd like to commend the exceptional commitment and tireless efforts of our agents not only to meet but exceed our client expectations.

Incorporating California's iconic lifestyle and our digitally forward perspective into our unique approach, we've managed to set new benchmarks in real estate consistently. These achievements have earned us national recognition and reaffirmed our dedication to providing top-tier, personalized service.

Let's take a look back at our stellar track record so far in 2023:

January Sales

  • 151 Farmhouse Drive Unit 4   /  (Buyer Agent: Anna Apostolova)
  • 358 North Bronson Avenue  /  (Seller Agents: Rob and Yamel Maynard)
  • 5488 Round Meadow Rd   /  (Buyer Agent: Peter Radd)
  • 5887 Annie Oakley Road  /  (Seller Agent: Peter Radd)
  • 8018 Matilija Avenue  /  (Seller Agent: Dee Muhlgay)
  • 756 Red Arrow Trail  /  (Seller Agents: Michael Olmes, Dana Olmes)
  • 847 North Reese Place  /  (Seller Agents: Rob and Yamel Maynard)
  • 7804 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, #4   /  (Buyer + Seller Agent: Tara Rose) Sold Off-Market
  • 23811 Albers Street  /  (Seller Agent: Anna Apostolova)

February Sales

  • 24000 Mariano Street  /  (Seller Agents: Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck) Sold Off-Market

March Sales

  • 4591 Fern Valley Court  /  (Buyer Agent: Michael Olmes)
  • 610 North Lincoln Street  /  (Buyer Agents: Rob and Yamel Maynard)
  • 1785 Tubbs Street   /  (Seller Agents: Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck)
  • 11127 Hesby Street #3  /  (Seller Agent: Marissa Jasmine)
  • 5612 East Conant Street  /  (Buyer Agents: Rob and Yamel Maynard)
  • 3906 Prato Court  /  (Buyer Agent: Allisun Sturges)
  • 3965 Verde Vista Drive  /  (Seller Agents: Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck)
  • 1117 18th Street  /  (Seller Agents: Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck)
  • 24710 Calle Serranona   /  (Buyer Agent: Peter Radd)

April Sales

  • 1970 El Monte Drive  /  (Buyer Agent: Micaela Stevens)
  • 22311 Erwin Street  /  (Buyer Agent: Marissa Jasmine)
  • 506 N Poinsettia Place   /  (Buyer Agents: Rob & Yamel Maynard)
  • 3905 Peartree Place   /  (Seller Agents: Dana Olmes and Jeff Biebuyck)
  • 1316 N Naomi Street   /  (Buyer Agents: Rob and Yamel Maynard)
  • 11723 Goshen Ave #203  /  (Seller Agents: Anna Apostolova and Sam Pompeo)
  • 17544 Covello St  /  (Buyer Agents: Rob & Yamel Maynard)
  • 29162 Upper Ramirez Motorway  /   (Buyer Agents: Courtney Van Cott)

By embracing a client-first mindset and passionate commitment to integrity, this impressive group of agents is reimagining the possibilities of real estate.

With an unwavering commitment to our clients and a relentless drive for excellence, our skilled team continues to redefine what's possible in the real estate industry.

In line with an excellent article published by our colleagues at Leverage, we, too, celebrate our team's monumental start to 2023.

A big round of applause to all at Frontgate Real Estate for their exceptional contributions and shared dedication to maintaining our high standards. Here's to many more successes in the rest of the year!


We offer the highest level of expertise and service with integrity. Jeff Biebuyck & Dana Olmes are Luxury Homes Specialists in Calabasas with a particular expertise in representing residential estate properties throughout the West San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Malibu and Greater Los Angeles area. As consummate professionals, Jeff Biebuyck & Dana Olmes provide their clients with the highest level of service to reach their unique real estate goals.

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