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In a world where environmental conservation and sustainable living are paramount, the TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program stands as a beacon of hope for Southern California residents. This initiative offers accessible, affordable, and hassle-free ways to create a thriving native oasis in your garden. Let's explore how this program helps reduce water consumption, enhance urban landscapes, and support local plant nurseries.

A Solution for All

The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program is nothing short of revolutionary. It not only bolsters the native ecosystem but also enhances the aesthetics of California home gardens.

In urban environments where greenery and biodiversity are often lacking, this program offers the perfect solution. Each kit provided as part of this program is a handpicked selection of native plants meticulously chosen to replace 100 square feet of traditional lawns. These plants are not only visually pleasing but are also perfectly adapted to the local environment, ensuring minimal maintenance and water efficiency. Furthermore, supporting local native plant nurseries is a crucial step in preserving the unique flora of the region.

Simplified Transformation

You might wonder how to transform your lawn into a native garden. The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program has got you covered. Each kit contains up to 10 plants with a "plant by number" guide, making it accessible for all, whether you're an experienced gardener or a novice.

TreePeople offers six distinct varieties of native plants to choose from, each with its own charm and ecological benefits, such as Sunshine Superbloom, Year-Round Radiance, Pollinator's Paradise, Splendid Silhouettes, Dave's Delights, and Shaded Symphony.

The program also provides a comprehensive guide on plant care, including water requirements and pruning suggestions, empowering you with the knowledge to nurture your new native garden.

Supporting Local Nurseries

The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program is more than just beautiful landscapes; it's about boosting the local economy and nurturing native plant nurseries. All plants come from local nurseries like Growing Works and TreePeople, contributing to their growth. As the program expands, more collaboration with growers in Southern California is planned, ensuring a diverse selection of native plants for residents.

Adapting to Regional Needs

One of the program's standout features is its adaptability to regional, ecological, social, and aesthetic priorities. Southern California has diverse microclimates and environmental conditions, and what thrives in one area may not fare as well in another. The program recognizes this and provides plant selections tailored to your specific location.

Whether you're in the coastal areas, the valleys, or the high desert regions of Southern California, you can find a native garden kit that suits your unique needs. This regional approach ensures that your garden doesn't merely survive but thrives in its distinct environment.

Embracing Sustainability, One Kit at a Time

The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program represents far more than just a landscaping initiative; it's a pivotal step toward a sustainable and resilient future. By replacing traditional lawns with native gardens, you create a habitat for local wildlife, including birds and pollinators. You enhance the beauty of your surroundings, making your neighborhood a greener and more pleasant place to live.

If you've ever envisioned transforming your lawn into a native paradise, this is your chance to turn that dream into a reality. Bid farewell to the days of excessive watering, mowing, and maintaining a high-maintenance lawn. Say hello to a landscape in harmony with the environment and uniquely Southern Californian.


The TreePeople Native Garden Kit Program is a game-changer for the region, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing way to transform your landscape while supporting local nurseries and conserving water. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, this program equips you with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on your environment and community. Visit to take this transformative step and be part of the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future that Southern California dreams of.


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