LA's Measure ULA Prevails

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In a groundbreaking move to address Los Angeles' housing crisis, Measure ULA, or the "mansion tax," recently withstood a legal challenge, reaffirming its constitutionality. This pivotal development sheds light on legal intricacies, carrying profound implications for housing policies and homelessness prevention efforts. Explore this issue and its impact on the real estate market in LA and other municipalities.

Turning Point for LA

Judge Barbara Scheper's decision to uphold Measure ULA is a practical stride for LA. Enacted in April, this transfer tax imposes a 4% fee on real estate transactions over $5 million and a 5.5% levy on those exceeding $10 million. These funds are strategically earmarked for housing and homelessness-prevention initiatives, representing a tangible effort to address the city's persistent challenges in these areas.

Triumph for Urban Solutions

The ruling stands as a triumph for housing activists, validating the legitimacy of Measure ULA and underscoring its importance in addressing Los Angeles' housing needs. Joe Donlin, the director of the United to House LA coalition, expresses surprise at the prompt ruling, emphasizing the urgent requirement for financial resources to bolster the city's housing initiatives. This victory accentuates the practical impact of the measure on the ground.

Setback for Luxury Real Estate and Appeal Plans

Cognizant of the setback experienced by the luxury real estate community, the court's decision signals a need for pragmatic reconsideration. Claims of market stagnation and development are met with a legal endorsement of the measure. Plans for an appeal are underway, asserting legal nuances in the ruling require appellate court intervention.

National Impact and Economic Considerations

Beyond Los Angeles, the legal proceedings surrounding Measure ULA have assumed national significance. Cities across the country are closely watching as the debate between advocates and opponents unfolds, offering practical insights for jurisdictions considering similar measures. While transfer taxes are not novel, L.A.'s unique scope—taxing all property sales over $5 million—is a pragmatic case study for policymakers. The discussion around the economic impact and feasibility of such measures is not merely theoretical but offers tangible lessons for practical implementation.


The court's dismissal signifies a triumph for innovative urban solutions, positioning LA as a pragmatic model for municipalities grappling with housing crises. As the city proceeds with Measure ULA, its impact on the real estate market, fiscal landscape, and homelessness alleviation will be closely observed, offering practical lessons for similar initiatives.



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