Musk Unveils Tesla Drive-in Theater

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Elon Musk is bringing back the charm and nostalgia of drive-in theaters in Hollywood with an innovative twist at its finest. Set to rise in Hollywood, the supercharger station with diner and drive-in theater promises a unique blend of entertainment and convenience.

Innovative Design and Convenience

Embracing a nostalgic journey with retro aesthetics, the drive-in theater is a certified blast from the past. Yet, the unique Tesla twist propels this project into a league of its own. This entertainment-centric hub shall house two dozen Tesla Supercharger stalls, complemented by two outdoor movie screens and a rooftop restaurant. The bold design, featuring striking red accents and neon lights, pays homage to classic drive-ins and seamlessly integrates modern technology, offering a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary innovation.

Electrifying Movie Nights at Tesla's Drive-In

Experience a transformative approach to the conventional drive-in experience at this visionary Hollywood drive-in. While your Tesla undergoes a 20-to-40-minute charging session, immerse yourself in a carefully curated choice of clips or short films. This innovative concept seamlessly combines the practicality of charging with entertainment, reshaping the traditional drive-in encounter for both Tesla owners and avid movie enthusiasts. 

Around-the-clock entertainment and Special Touches

With 24/7 operations, the drive-in caters to late-night cravings for entertainment and dining under the stars. While there were initial teases of roller skates and rock n' roll, the final touches are eagerly looked forward to, adding an element of surprise to an already promising venture.

Transforming a Pizza Joint into Tesla Haven

Set to stand on the location of a former Shakey’s Pizza, this venture is among the most promising Tesla Superchargers in Los Angeles. It is a pragmatic solution to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure, highlighting Tesla's commitment to efficient and sustainable charging.


As the Hollywood drive-in takes shape, it boasts more than a nod to the past. It is a living testament to Elon Musk's visionary fusion of innovation, entertainment, and sustainability. While the opening date is still shrouded in mystery, the excitement surrounding Hollywood's Tesla-powered drive-in is unmatched.


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