Clean Up Your iPhone Photos with Flic

Dana & Jeff


If you’ve ever gotten that nasty warning from your iPhone that you’re almost out of space, it’s entirely possible that your photo album is to blame.

We don’t realize how much space gets chewed up by casual shots which aren’t really worth saving. (For example: That photo of where you parked your car at the airport!)

Cleaning out your photos via the iOS interface is kind of a pain, though, and that’s why most of us avoid the chore. Fortunately, there’s an app which makes weeding your photo garden a snap. It’s called “Flic” and works a lot like apps like Tinder, where you swipe left for “no” and swipe right for “yes.” A left swipe deletes, a right swipe saves.

If you accidentally swipe left on a photo you wished you’d kept, don’t worry. Flic lets you review your trash can before committing to the big delete.


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